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  • I normally don't like books like this but it was so good I read it in one sitting. It brought back so many personal memories for me. ronald shaffer
  • This was a great read. .. so compelling. I didn't want to put it down Working Ghoul
  • I loved 'A Life of Unlearning' - could not put it down. Read it twice in two days. Jacqueline Adeney
  • Yes I highly recommend the autobiography of Anthony Venn-Brown, A Life of Unlearning. That one kept me up all night cos I read it twice - and cried both times.
  • It's 6 am and I've just finished reading your book, which I was unable to put down. ……..Steve from Paddington, Sydney
  • It had me completely spellbound until I finally turned the last page..Peter (heterosexual Christian)
  • .. it is a superb book...absolutely gripping... I didn’t want it to end.. Steve Adelaide
  • I bought your book on a Friday and had devoured it by Sunday afternoon! Your journey touched me, it saddened me, made me laugh out loud at times, and ultimately inspired me and filled me with strength. Adrian
  • What a great read and thoroughly motivating story. You are such a wonderful writer. I devoured the book in 2 days. Andrew
  • I ended up reading the whole book in one sitting.….. a deep and sincere thank you for telling your story so honestly and openly. Colin
  • This is an amazing story. When I started reading it, it just gripped me more & more. Thank you for giving me hope. Peter @amazon
  • The story is told with brutal honesty and reads with a “can’t put it down” quality. Peter Matthewson
  • It was riveting reading; a compelling story told bravely and honestly.
  • I couldn't put this book down. I often found myself in tears as i read through. Everyone who has struggled with their faith and its pronouncements about being gay must read this story!! AmazonUK
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